You've just stolen a car. The car is having issues. MAAAAYYYBBEEEE it's a good idea to just leave the car and walk to your next destination. A Sunyside man was arrested for, well all kinds of crazy things, but his arrest was triggered when he asked for assistance with his car. Rafael Medina went in to a business asking for help with his vehicle. The employee noticed there was a metal paintbrush in the ignition, which sparked him to call the police. Medina didn't go quietly when the police arrived and was allegedly kicking and spitting during his arrest.

He was charged with third-degree assault of an officer, fourth-degree assault, possession of a stolen motor vehicle, second-degree possession of stolen property, second-degree vehicle prowl and drug paraphernalia, probable cause documents state. Yeah, they also found a glass pipe of some kind in the vehicle with what seemed like meth residue inside. CLEARLY dude was not operating with a full deck. Note to would-be criminals: don't ask for assistance with your car if it's not YOUR CAR! (duh)