A man, in the UK, thought it OK to perform a lewd act after noticing a horse had become "visibly aroused".

Stroke of genius.

Drink Like A Horse
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The lewd show began with the man grabbing the horse's tail and using it as a beard. When that drew some laughs from a group of teens, and noticing the horse was into it as well, the man proceeded to work the horse's member in an up-and-down manner before swinging it around it circles, whooping it up, and to polish off his absurdity, thinking the horse was in need of a bath down there, why not rub it in baby oil for good measure? There, nice horsey, all good and clean.

I believe probation and about a $400 fine can be added to his list of now 27 dust ups with the law.

More simply terrific specifics here.

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