Despite a rosy outlook piece posted on the 97 Rock website yesterday, without Russell Wilson, I don't think there is a chance that another Seahawks playoff berth can be had.

Wilson enters the final year on his contract with silence about the future. He's in line for a ridiculous pay day. Is he worth it? Are you serious? After Brady and Mahomes, who are you lobbying for?

Russ still has one year left on his deal and the last time the subject was brought up Wilson brushed it off assuring all gathered that Seattle is a special place and he plans on being there for a long time.

But here's the reality: There has not been one word about Russell Wilson's contract since 2015.

Nary a mention about maybe extending his current deal or what the specifics of a brand new contract would entail. He'd be looking at Aaron Rodgers money, ya know.

A new deal for Russell might be even more than the $33.5 million yearly salary of the Mr. Discount-Double-Check Packers signal caller which he signed before the start of this season.

Another wild card? No one is talking, yet, about a potential NFL work stoppage in 2021.

And there's this other train of thought roaring through Highway 99 like the new Alaskan Way Viaduct - it may not happen at all?

Stay tuned.

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