Seriously, duuuude.

Smoke weed, and get paid up to $36K a year. It's that simple. Go here to go for it, it's not a pipe dream, yet it is.

What your new boss is looking for is someone to review a wide variety of cannabis products to give honest and reliable insights. You will have to blog, and be okay with on-camera demonstrations like unboxing videos and explainer videos of how each cannabis product performs and how it differs from other, more notable products in the category.

To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years of age and live in a state in the U.S.A. where medical marijuana is legal. Every month, you will be shipped a box containing different brands and varieties of cannabis products. These products range from weed strains, vapes, edibles to CBD oils. You will then test the products in-person and write about your experience with the product from unboxing to everything you’ll be doing with the product. The hours are completely flexible so you can make your own schedule.

In return for doing something that you love, and frankly that you are doing already, (if you were a fighter pilot, your call sign would be "Chimney"), you will be paid $3,000 a month, that's $36,000 a year, Spicoli, AND YOU WILL RECEIVE FREE CANNABIS PRODUCTS sent to your address (in plain brown zig zag papers?) on a monthly basis for "testing."

I'm not making this up, in order for your prospective employer to know you're taking this seriously, along with providing your bio/resume and/or a 60-second intro video about how passionate you are about this opportunity, and links to all your current social media accounts, of course, you must lay on them at least a half dozen street names, slang terms, or nicknames of marijuana to show off your cred.

I could help with that. How much time do you have?

Even better, peruse the actual job poster's wide casting net of gigs thrown out there to entice:

Our candidates come from all backgrounds and industries ranging from customer service and creative industries. If you work from home, blogger, Snapchat, tiktok, social media, influencer, YouTuber, YouTube, Twitch, podcaster, Instagram, model, accountant, actor, actress, administrative, artist, assistant, barista, bus boy, cabbie, chauffeur, professional cleaner, cleaners, clerical, coffee, college student, construction, contractor, contract worker, courier, customer service, customer service agent, cyclist, data entry, delivery driver, designer, drivers, education, entry level, expo, finance, food runner, freelance worker, full-time, gig economy user, health care, host, hostess, hosts, human resources, independent contractor, interns, IT, limo driver, maid, maintenance, management, manager, manufacturing, marketing, messenger, musician, network marketing, nurse, office, on-demand driver, part-time, private hire driver, receptionists, restaurant, retail, retail associate, sales, sales person, seasonal worker, servers, summer job seeker, teachers, temp, valets, waiters, waitresses, warehouse, writer, worker, who is looking for a flexible part time or seasonal job, you should try becoming a product tester reviewer to supplement your income.

I certainly hope you were not waiting to exhale.

Bong appetite!

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