For weeks we've been hearing speculation about attendance and economic impact from the Foo Fighters and Mumford & Sons concert in Walla Walla earlier this month. The city has finally released its official report.

The concert promoters saw 17,500 paying attendees on Friday and again on Saturday. They gave out 2,500 tickets themselves, which means each night 20,000 people came out for the concerts. About 8,000 attended Thursday's show.

Crimes committed were minimal and campers were well behaved.

Not every business saw a windfall, but most were extremely pleased with sales from the huge crowds.

Because of the size of the crowds, the execution of the event, and the minimal problems, Walla Walla's Parks & Rec director said it was "Gentlemen of the Road's" most successful stopover during the entire tour.

That's pretty amazing and it will mean good things for Walla Walla in the future as the event mulls returning, and similar events request permission to come.