I just got back from Seattle this weekend, and boy am I glad!

This story pushes me over the edge. A Seattle morning show on 'Movin' 92.5', Brooke and Jubal in the Morning, has a segment called 'Second Date Update' where listeners call in and talk about why a second date never happened.

This one made me cry and rage all at the same time. This poor guy.

Brenton is one of those guys who plays guitar at parties for his friends, and any female on-looker who lends an ear. Brenton met Megan, a visual 'artist' and sculptor while playing a gig.

How come a second date never happened, exactly?

Megan describes the encounter.

“He comes in and he’s wearing slacks and a button-up shirt. He’s supposed to be this hot musician though…I’m trying to figure out what it is, and within five minutes of talking to him, I realize he’s a f**king brogrammer. These middle-age, white-guy, tech nerds that are just f**king taking over the city. He’s not a true artist. He’s working for the man doing his tech programming stuff and pushing the artists out."

We've got the full segment below. Listen at your own risk of becoming enraged.

Le Hat Tip to [GEEKWIRE]