I saw three videos this week on Youtube I can't stop talking about! Two will make you jump out of your seat and the third will give you a smile and warm fuzzies. Stop whatever you're doing and check these out!

  • 1

    Great White Shark Attack!

    I can't unsee what I've seen! The video of a Great White Shark attacking a robot camera gives me nightmares of those teeth! At the end they say chiseling on the robot with a screwdriver and hammer wouldn't have done the same amount of damage as those teeth! After seeing this you truly appreciate how sharks are the alpha predators in the ocean!

  • 2

    Mortar Shell Blows Up Ukrainian Highway!

    The troubles in Ukraine got REAL for one man minding his own business. Watch what happens as he drives his car down a freeway in war-torn Ukraine.

    It's a mortar! Who knows who shot it or where they intended it to hit! I bet he's glad for airbags!

  • 3

    Beautiful Orphan Children

    For our final video watch these beautiful children. A man who helped start an orphanage in South Africa returns for a visit. He gets to the orphanage at 1:05 and it gets good around 1:50. I can share what profound thoughts I had watching this, but I'll let you have your own experience.

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