I have had it with these mother-

Wait. I'm not Samuel L. Jackson. This isn't a crazy movie. This is a real story!

But it's just as bonkers! 21 year-old Douglas Smyser is facing a federal charge after acting up so much, his flight had to land. He was on his way to rehab in California. Who knows why, but he chose to partake in some meth before boarding. I know flights can be stressful, but this doesn't sound very constructive.

Once on the plane, he decided to be a pain. He later told officers that the meth had made him paranoid.

He made several attempts to rush the cockpit. He would pace franticly in the aisle. He threw his backpack around. The pilot made the decision to change course for Portland and landed. The FBI and Port of Portland Police were there to greet Mr. Smyser. But I doubt they had a sign with his name on it.

He's been charged by the State of Oregon for menacing and disorderly conduct. The FBI charged him with interference of a flight crew.

Douglas Smyser
Douglas Smyser

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