Gee, let's recap the number of stories in today's where people are fighting "sin" businesses while they line their pockets supporting the beer and wine industries.

I find the opposition to these "sin" business VERY interesting since they don't seem to have a problem with wine and beer. Anyone driving up the 82 corridor can see how important hops are to the Mid-Columbia economy. And wine is now so important WSU Tri-Cities is opening a wine science department to educate a new generation of vineyard workers.

Is it that pot, stripping and raves were once illegal? Because I think I remember something called "Prohibition" from history class.

Is it that you don't like/trust people who use pot, visit strip clubs and enjoy loud music? Does that mean you're OK with people who abuse alcohol and drive drunk?

Is it that you just don't approve? Because several churches and the entire religion of Islam does not approve of your Merlot and pint.

Bottom line is this is a free country and these business bring in tax dollars that fund schools and road repairs. That sounds pretty good to me.