Here's to those who are living the service industry dream.

My experience in this industry is very limited, but I was aboard long enough to understand why tipping is absolutely vital for workers in this industry to make ends meet. I used to be one of those you-better-go-over-the-top-to-get-a-tip type of people, until I was on the other side. I would now be considered an above average tipper. Now the only time I don't tip is if I run into the same worker who forgot to thank me the last time I tipped.

Have some manners, please.

Here's a map of who is the stingiest and who is the most appreciative of services around the country when it comes to tipping. Scroll your mouse over each state to have their average tip percentage revealed.

Some highlights: Oregon and Montana, cheapskates. Wyoming and North Carolina are in the you-gotta-be-kidding-me-cheap column as well.

Maine, the highest in the country. The states with highest generoisty after Maine with at least 18% or more are:  Rhode Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Florida and Michigan. Washington is about in the middle of the pack in 21st.

TSheets ranked all 50 states from best to worst based on two factors:

  1. The generosity of residents leaving a tip.
  2. A state’s minimum wage for tipped employees.

The states with the highest minimum wage and most generous tippers ranked higher on the list. Those with the lowest minimum wage and least generous tippers ranked lower.

Connecticut comes out on top with an average tip rate of 18.58% and a minimum wage of $10.10 per hour.

At the other end is Wyoming with an average tip rate of 15.91% and a minimum wage of $2.13.

But if you just look at how much people leave as a tip — and exclude the minimum wage data — Maine wins with an average of 19.36% per tip.

You are always encouraged to be as generous as possible when rewarding your servers for a job well done...unless they're lousy and you think they don't deserve diddly. Your call. Mixed messages, I know.

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