It's a popular joke in countless television and big-screen comedies. The male character re-connects with an old flame from years ago. She invites him inside for coffee. She leans across the table and says, "You're a father, and they're all yours." This man is living out every man's worst nightmare, and it's multiplied by 17.

An Oregon doctor is suing the Oregon Health & Science University after discovering he was the father of 17 children. Dr. Bryce Cleary donated sperm 30 years ago while in medical school. He's suing because he made an agreement that his sperm would not be used to father more than five babies. Also in the agreement was a clause that required the mothers receiving the donation had to be out of state. Allegedly all of the 17 children were born in Oregon. On Wednesday, Dr. Cleary filed a $5.25 million lawsuit against the University.

In a press conference, Cleary said that without those promises in the agreement, he would not have donated all those years ago.

Dr. Cleary has 4 children in his household, three sons with his wife. They also have an adopted daughter. Cleary has met 3 children born because of his donations. This family tree is a family forest. 

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