It’s time to ogle some more celebrity eye candy. This time, we’re crushing on Eddie Murphy’s reported new girlfriend, Paige Butcher.

Paige is a model from Australia, you know, the country known for exporting all of its hot people. She was seen on Murphy’s arm recently during a Spike TV event held in his honor.

You may have seen Paige in the pages of Maxim and modeling for several other magazines. She’s also appeared in movies like ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ and ‘Big Momma’s House 2.’

Here’s hoping this tall, blonde, striking young lady can make Eddie Murphy smile again. Dude’s been looking pretty bummed out for the past decade or so. We know staring at her all day has been cheering us up!

Twitter / @paigejbutcher
Maxim Magazine
Twitter / @paigejbutcher