Pasco has a new bakery! The family-owned business is located on Clark Street and specializes in fresh-baked bread.

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The owner of Panaderia Colima has been making and selling bread for approximately three decades. Daniel Mendoza opened the bakery at 801 West Clark Street just before the Covid-19 Pandemic hit. This guy knows bread.

Credit: Panaderia Colima Facebook Page.

Mendoza was retired from the baking industry for about ten years. He then decided to re-enter the baking world and is trying to make a go of it.

Panaderia Colima is open Tuesday through Friday from 7 am till 8 pm. On Friday, the bakery is open from 7 am to 4 pm. The business is closed Sunday and Monday.

Credit: Panaderia Colima Facebook Page.

Mendoza opened the bakery to support his family. Bread is made fresh every morning as well as a number of bakery items.

It's always great to support local businesses. Make sure to get a loaf of fresh bread, make some wonderful sandwiches, or pair it with pasta. There's nothing better than hot bread "slathered" with real butter and dipped in whatever pasta sauce you're serving. For the most part, tasty bread is what makes the dinner so delicious. (Just my opinion)

This bakery is truly a family affair.

You can check out more on the Panaderia Colima Facebook page.

Our news partners at KNDU did a feature segment with Panaderia Colima. You can view it here.

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