We saw someone draw The Beatles with pancakes last month. They didn't look anything like The Beatles, but it was still pretty awesome. On Youtube, we've also seen people draw Tony the Tiger and other cool pictures. So we taught ourselves how and you'll be inspired by how easy it is. I bet you'll make these every weekend for the kids starting now.For starters, like idiots, we forgot you have to write backwords, so it reads correctly when you flip the pancake. This took several tries. In our video below, "97 Rock" looks awful, and that was our fourth try! So maybe start with something easier.

We also used a medicinal syringe for babies since we didn't have a condiment squirt bottle. This worked fine if you can't find a better bottle either.

The secret to a good picture is letting the letters or drawing brown long enough.

By the end of the session, we were masters of the smiley face. We'll give letters another try later.