Papa Roach showcase their high-octane stage show in the new music video for ‘One Track Mind,’ the next single from the 2010 release ‘Time for Annihilation: On the Record and On the Road.’

Fans of Papa Roach are feverishly awaiting the band’s ambitious next album. “We want to separate ourselves from the pack again,” said singer Jacoby Shaddix of their upcoming sixth studio LP. “We’ve been listening to everything from honkytonk country music to electronic music to heavy metal to punk rock. I don’t want to make an average white-guy rock record. I want to make a f—ing record that inspires people to f–k, fight, love, forgive.”

With an effort of that magnitude in the works, it goes without saying that the band will be more “On the Record” than “On the Road” for the foreseeable future. For those suffering from P-Roach deficiency, the music video for their fist-pumping song ‘One Track Mind’ may be just what the doctor ordered.

The new clip, which premiered on Google Music, features footage culled from the band’s homecoming gig at Sacramento, California’s Arco Arena during last year’s Rock Allegiance tour. ‘One Track Mind’ was one of five new studio recordings the band added to the 2010 live album ‘Time for Annihilation.’

Watch the Papa Roach ‘One Track Mind’ Video