Jason Smith was killed on Sylvester Street last April by an irrisponsible driver who fled and had to be hunted down by police. After months of deliberation, the City of Pasco allowed the family to erect a sign in Smith's memory at the site of the crash. Now it's demanding the sign be taken down. Vote on if you think an exception should be made.

City official Ahmad Qayoumi is taking responsibility for the mistake. The city debated whether it would be legal and/or appropriate for months before Qayoumi gave the OK. City workers even helped install the sign to make sure it was done legally.

But Qayoumi recently discovered he was wrong. Actually it does violate law because it creates a distraction for drivers and could contribute to future accidents. The Smith family received a letter ordering them to remove the sign as soon as possible.

The family took the letter to media hoping for help. We believe the city should make an exception. The risk is low. I've driven past the sign half a dozen times and not once did it distract my driving.