This morning, I was driving my son to daycare and I had to drive through the area around CBC at 7:30 am. If you have ever had to try to drive by CBC at this time you know it is almost impossible. The city of Pasco needs to do something about this and I have a simple solution.

The main problem is that all the traffic from the exit on the west side of New Horizons all the way to the airport has to go one way. There is no easy way to 395 unless you go all the way back to road 68 or back down to the Pasco Red Lion past CBC. This causes huge traffic problems from all the students and staff from both campuses arriving at the same time. I went to a major university and I never saw traffic like this at any time of the day. All they need is to add an exit out to 395 off the west side of New Horizons and to expand the road to 3 lanes behind CBC. The extra lane would allow for a turn lane into campus and allow the through traffic to go around people turning in.

Maybe I should run for office!