While on routine Sunday patrol, Pasco Police Officer Mike Nelson, after contacting a 48-year old man at Fiesta Foods at 10th and Lewis, offered the fella a handcuff-free ride to the Loyalty Inn about ten blocks away. The man was not under arrest and Officer Nelson invited him to hop in and he'd shuttle him over to where he was staying.

Upon arrival, as Officer Nelson opened the door, he was allegedly, squarely punched in the chest. Officer Nelson took a few steps back, hailed assistance, deployed a taser and waited until backup arrived as his would-be-sparring partner was taken into custody without further incident.

Striking someone carries a misdemeanor assault charge, you strike law enforcement, that's now a felony, and the speculation is, the perpetrator maybe knew this, and wanted to go to jail.

From the brilliant storytellers behind the Pasco PD Facebook page:

WISH GRANTED: On Sunday, Officer Mike Nelson offered a ride to a man who had been contacted by police at Fiesta Foods, 10th/ Lewis. The guy was not under arrest and got to ride handcuff-free to the Loyalty Inn, 20th/ Lewis. When Officer Nelson opened the door to let him out, the guy allegedly punched Officer Nelson squarely in the chest. This resulted in Officer Nelson backing up a few steps and drawing his Taser until backup arrived.

What’s the motive? There were indications in the investigation that this guy wanted to go to jail. Astute readers will know that your otherwise-misdemeanor assault, if you do it to the wrong people, can be a felony. Christopher L. Kilkenny, DOB 061771 of Pasco, was booked into Franklin County Jail on an investigative hold for Assault Third Degree. Kilkenny is 6-06, 265, but he complied with orders and was arrested without incident. Pasco case 20-10866 Assault.  


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