The firefighters seen climbing the light towers of Edgar Brown Stadium were NOT responding to an emergency!, David Hernandez, David Hernandez

Pasco Fire Department Trains at Edgar Brown Stadium

The quiet beauty near Edgar Brown Stadium was interrupted yesterday when nearby residents spotted Pasco Fire Department vehicles parked near the light towers and firefighters ascending them. While initially it raised eyebrows, people soon realized it was not an emergency but a planned training session.

The exercise, conducted with Pasco School District #1 and neighboring fire departments, was meant to enhance emergency response preparedness and cooperation. Firefighters were engaged in simulated rescue operations and coordinated maneuvers to sharpen their skills in handling various crisis scenarios, including on the extremely high towers.

"At first we were concerned something was going on, but then we noticed that there weren't any lights or police, and it was really quiet, so we figured it must have been some sort of training," said a resident who lives nearby on the social media post. "We figured it must have been some sort of training. That was why I messaged you. Thank you for all you do to keep us safe."


These training sessions are routine for the Pasco Fire Department, ensuring their ability to effectively manage emergencies and safeguard the community in any situation. The exercises not only simulated real-world challenges but also fostered collaboration among emergency responders who work together every day in the region.

Residents were assured that the activity posed no threat and was part of ongoing efforts to uphold safety standards in Pasco with a social media post by the Pasco Fire Department. The collaborative efforts between the fire department and other local agencies illustrate their commitment to public safety. For updates on Pasco Fire Department activities and community initiatives, visit their official website or follow their social media Facebook page.

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