It looks like the Pasco garage shooting is another case of someone trying to get into the wrong house late at night by accident. Travis Yeates, 35, was shot and killed in the garage of a Pasco man named Corey Chapman at his home in Pasco off Burden Blvd. Reports say that Chapman was woke by loud knocking and yelling at his front door around 2:30 am and called 911. While on the phone he said the man had entered his home and then police heard a gun shot over the phone.

When police arrived, they found Yeates lying in the house with a single gun shot to the chest. Yeates had been drinking with friends from his work at Hanford that night according to reports from friends where he had worked since 2010 as a safety and health specialist.  He was described by his friends as "super good guy who liked to have fun and hang out with friends","had a good sense of humor, frequently joking".

This is the second case where someone was shot and killed after trying to get into the wrong house by mistake. In February of 2014 near the same neighborhood, a intoxicated man was killed trying to get into a house in the middle of the night that he thought was his relatives house. His relatives house was actually around the corner.