In case you missed it in the lead-up to Veterans Day, the United States Marine Corps celebrated its 247th birthday yesterday. To commemorate, the Pasco Police Department dispersed the dankest of memes. When I saw their post, I had to do a double-take.

For a police department that has set itself apart from the pack with excellent public communication and regular social media interactions, this may be the funniest post in the department's history. So, if you're out of the loop, hopefully, this will help you.

Photo by Sonya Lynne on Unsplash
Photo by Sonya Lynne on Unsplash

Why do people say marines eat crayons?

Within the ranks of the United States Armed Forces, a friendly rivalry exists between the branches. The Army pretends they're better than the Navy, who pretend to be the Marines' father, while all the branches gleefully clown on the Air Force. Everyone seems to be "cool" with the Coast Guard within this jestful circle. Again, it's all a friendly rivalry. So, the whole crayon gag originated as an inside joke between branches that some marines gladly ran with as a badge of pride. While I wouldn't dare reference crayons to my Marine buddies, I still enjoy watching the playful jabs back and forth between former service members. I will add though, that a company started by a former Marine has created edible crayons branded "Marine Corps Edition."

Happy Veterans Day! Oh, and happy belated birthday to the United States Marine Corps. Semper Fidelis.

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