FRANKLIN COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE FOUND THIS STOLEN PICKUP early Monday morning at about 1:33 AM, being driven near 4th/ Court by a 15-year-old female from Kennewick. It had been stolen sometime early Sunday morning from the 1400-block of W Clark.

Pasco case PP17-24289 Veh Theft, FCSO case FC17-07244 PSV

It's the same story: the owner left it parked at the curb with the keys in the ignition and a large white AC unit in the bed. It did not have the cool tagging spray painted on it when it was stolen the day before.

When it was recovered, the female was in possession of the large key ring containing all of the victim's keys, and about two dozen of his credit and debit cards which he did not report missing with the pickup; he apparently forgot that they had been inside it.

The female? She has a history of property crime including tagging and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Franklin County Deputies Mahler and Dennis handled their end of the case, taking the female to Juvenile Detention to be processed for possession of a stolen vehicle and stolen access devices (credit cards). We brought the victim over to pick up his pickup.

We don't like promoting graffiti, but we think  FCSO arrested the tagger driving the pickup, and we thought the tagging was the most distinctive thing about the pickup on Sunday. Did you see this pickup on Sunday?

Pasco case PP17-24289 Veh Theft, FCSO case FC17-07244 PSV
If anyone has information about who was inside this tan 2002 Chevy S-10 pickup Sunday, who tagged it with spray paint, and/or who has the large white AC unit, please call Pasco PD at 509-545-3510 nights and weekends or 509 545-3421 weekdays beginning Tuesday. Pasco case PP17-24289 Vehicle Theft, FCSO case FC17-07244 PSV