News reports say the ALCU or American Civil Liberties Union released a 12 page report on the Pasco Police Department that says that "officers lack critical training, services for Spanish speakers are inadequate and the community doesn’t have any meaningful input into police practices."  The report talks about the last three killings by Pasco PD (Brad Jensen, Matthew Stoddard. and Antonio Zambrano-Montes) and if the police are "prepared to effectively interact with emotional or mentally ill people".

The report also questions the ability of the department to investigate itself after an incident. It points to the fact that all the officers in the Zambrano-Montes shooting were not interviewed for a full seven weeks after the shooting. They also state that citizen complaints are not treated seriously and are "given little credence".

Pasco police chief Bob Metzger disagrees with the report saying "I'm disappointed they didn’t talk to us before they (issued the report). There was a lack of interaction with us. There have been a lot of changes." He says they have increased training, revised some policies and hired more bilingual officers to help change the department.

The ALCU deputy director Jennifer Shaw says that the department was difficult is providing the policy paperwork and they were forced to review only the paperwork that was provided. They also stated that along with some recommendations, "Pasco’s policy does not guide officers on when to use different levels of force or use nonlethal weapons on suspects who are mentally ill or high on drugs." They advise that part of the solution would be for the police department to "establish an internal review board to review officers’ use of force, create a new community advisory board and make it easier for citizens to submit reports".