A little over a week ago, the City of Pasco rolled out a new app that is pretty handy if you need to alert the city to something meaningful: Like potholes -- where they are, how big they are, and maybe get an ETA on when it could get fixed? The Apple App Store will give it to you here, Android types can snag it here.

City of Pasco
City of Pasco

A better user-friendly experience between the citizens and management is what Pasco city leaders said needed to be addressed, so upgrading their communications systems seemed like a logical first step.

Besides peppering Pasco peeps with pothole positioning, you can use the app to request city services, submit property maintenance issues, and more.

Another spiffy feature is the ability to drop a pin to your location and share pictures, video, even audio files to document your request or complaint.

Here's what a brother or a sister needs to do use the 'Ask Pasco' app:

1. Launch the app on your mobile phone

2. Click "Requests" on the home screen

3. Select your report type

4. Drop a pin where the issue is located or type in an address

5. Provide additional details (the more info, the better)

6. Add pictures, videos, or audio to the request

7. Select submit

8. Check your email or the request message center for an update

It is anticipated street complaints and code enforcement issues will be the most popular uses for the app, of course only time will tell.

The app can automatically be set to Spanish for translation purposes.

The city partnered with a local vendor to develop the 'Ask Pasco’ app and it was paid for through the city's general fund.

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