A new report out on a web site called Move Budda is reporting Pasco as the 11th most popular mid-size city to relocate to...here's why


Major urban centers like Washington DCSeattle, and San Francisco are always going to be popular places to move.

But as larger cities become more crowded and less affordable, it’s easy to see why some mid-size cities are experiencing something of a population boom.

With a mid-size city, you can find the conveniences of an urban environment with the coziness of a small town.

In their report the Mayor of Pasco weighed in:

11. Pasco, WA

Population: 70,579

“Those already here know why Pasco is a great place to live. Moving to a community that you don’t know has to be daunting, but I think many of the reasons people continue to call Pasco home are similar to why they chose to make it their home:

The opportunities that come with a favorable economic climate
Mid-to-high-quality affordable housing
An amazing natural environment
Great schools and post-secondary educational opportunities
A culturally diverse community that is tightly knit and knows how to work through issues.”

– Mayor Matt Watkins

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