The City of Pasco had the opportunity to make some changes and did not. That surprised some residents considering the incidents that occurred recently -- none of which are necessarily the fault of the city. What do YOU think?

People are still surprised Michael Goins did not undergo a better background check, and some are still unhappy with the police's treatment of the Zambrano-Montes shooting. After the mayor and other leadership were re-elected residents complained to the council at their meeting about the direction the city is going.

I've heard residents complain about transients downtown, slow economic development, prioritization of services to newer neighborhoods, its treatment of the "donut hole" annex debate, etc.

I really like the city's efforts to promote events downtown, I enjoy all the parks, I like shopping in Pasco, I like the real estate development I've seen in the northwest parts of town, and I've had positive interactions with all the police and fire fighters. What do YOU think?

Maegan Murray, TSM