There's some names you don't forget. Quan Bounhomsavanh is one of those names.

While researching him for this blog, I stumbled on some of Quan's Greatest Hits.

He was arrested yesterday for public indecency after he was seen walking down George Washington Way in Richland completely naked. Complaints initially starting rolling in when Quan was naked in the bathroom of a grocery store. When police finally found him, he was clothed. Police suspected he was under the influence of... something.

Apparently, he had run into problems with Pasco Police. After stealing a Keystone Light (can't punish people for bad taste, unfortunately), Quan was dubbed the "Smelly Bandit" due to the "pungent odor" he left behind.

Here's what our Naked Smelly Bandit looks like. Fully clothed. (Sorry, ladies.)

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