In a recent video, Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard sat down at chatted with Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith for more than an hour. Talking about everything from Stratocasters and acrylic drums to acknowledging and minimizing their carbon footprints, the two rockers talked at length -- and you can watch the whole conversation in the video above (via MusicRadar).

It doesn't take long for Gossard to recognize the impact Smith's band had on Pearl Jam. "The Chili Peppers changed our lives," he humbly admits, referring to when the Chili Peppers picked up Pearl Jam for a tour in the fall of '91 alongside the Smashing Pumpkins.

Smith explains how they came to the decision to add Pearl Jam to the bill: Flea had a demo tape, they listened to it in the parking lot after rehearsal one day and thought they sounded pretty good. And that was that. "We went from selling no records on that tour to selling a bunch of them by the end of it," Gossard remembers.

Another band that had a significant impact on both Pearl Jam and the Chili Peppers were Jane's Addiction. "They scared me," Smith recalls about seeing them live. "This is serious." Gossard follows-up, "And that's the way I felt about you guys ... to watch you and Flea get into it, that affected me dramatically."

Gossard also discusses playing in the Seattle rock outfit Green River and opening for Jane's Addiction in the late '80s. "We broke up right after that," he says, claiming there was no point in trying to make music when Jane's Addiction were around. "We need a new Jane's Addiction. Where are they?"

The two even reminisce about Gossard giving -- or Smith stealing -- a tweed Peavy amplifier and scuba-diving in Australia. If you can't tell, these guys chat about everything.

Pearl Jam are gearing up for a country-wide tour beginning Oct. 1. Get their full schedule here. Jane's Addiction only have a few dates scheduled for the month of September, and the Chili Peppers have no planned gigs at the moment.

Watch Chad Smith Jam with Pearl Jam in '95