Owners of a Pendleton bed-and-breakfast decided to renovate five bedroom closets into bathrooms. They found an (illegal) surprise in the master bedroom that you won't believe.

Inside the master bedroom of the 1917 house were two closets, one for the original owner's wife and one for himself (it was a 6,000-square-foot home). In the husband's closet was a built-in dresser. Inside the dresser was a wood box.

Inside the box was three 80-year-old bottles of Scotch whiskey from the Prohibition Era!

The brand was Teacher’s Highland Cream Blended Scotch dated Dec. 19, 1930.

I don't think the brand exists anymore, so the owners of what is now The Pendleton House are struggling to find similar bottles for sale to determine an approximate value on each unopened bottle.

If you want to visit the bed-and-breakfast it's at 311 North Main Street in Pendleton. And I'd recommend you become a really good customer so they'll invite you to the uncorking party!