An elementary school in Pendleton evacuated temporarily so police could investigate a backpack with mysterious powder in it. It turned out to be protein powder for making a shake to drink before exercising. Did they go too far?

We live in an era where school officials would rather be safe than sorry. They'll risk looking foolish and wasting valuable education time to prevent tragedy. But don't we have to draw the line somewhere?

What did they think it could be? Anthrax? Ricin? Meth?

Gone are the days when strange powder in a backpack was OBVIOUSLY somebody's breakfast milkshake -- or Pixie Stick remnants.

To me this was obviously a bad call. I don't know where to draw the line, but wherever I'd draw it, this was way, way past it.

I do have kids, however, and I expect their school to take good care of them. Am I wrong to criticise? After all, I wasn't there.