You may have seen #YoungmanOnElle, or maybe you are just reading it now for the first time. Soon most of the country will now know about the movement, which was started to get a Pendleton High School Spanish teacher fighting for her life against cancer on the Ellen show. Her name is Kathryn Youngman and it turns out this is not her first time battling cancer. It is her third time and now news reports say she is going to be on the Ellen show.

There has been a large social media movement that has been trying to get her on the Ellen Show and now it looks like she will get her wish. She will be on a taping of the Ellen show recorded this Thursday that is supposed to air next Monday. Youngman says she does not know if she is on the show, but also says she was "sworn to secrecy" and said even if she knew she could not say anything,

My question is...why would anyone have to swear to secrecy if they were only in the audience?