We’re not blowing smoke – some thrillseekers came together to break a world record.

Twenty-one brave (or crazy) souls in Cleveland set the standard for most people set on fire. No, our pants aren’t on fire – that’s the truth. Officials were on hand to put out the flames, while a crowd looked on. No one was hurt.

It put the freeze on the old mark when 17 people in serious need of a hobby took lit match to torso back in 2009.

Participants pulled off the stunt to raise money for charity because bake sales and car washes must not get people to hand over the George Washingtons like they used to.

Those who took part had to literally sweat it out before a rep from Guinness who was on hand gave the green light that they set the record. You can see him talk about the event below.

Hopefully, everyone got to enjoy a nice cold one after getting hosed down.