And now comes the guy who is upset that people won't stop having randy relations with his supremely sexy hedges.

That is one sexy bush you've got trimmed there. I just can't help myself from doing it?

Why won't you people stop having sex with this guy's well-groomed bush?

He's Keith Tyssen of Sheffield, England who works as a topiarist, which means he does sweet hedge designs for people.  And to show off his work, about 18 years ago, he shaped the hedges at his house to look like a SEXY LADY. It started out as a Greek god, but morphed into its current form over time.

But now Keith is upset . . . because people won't stop having sex with his hedges.  Quote, "It's not always a guy, sometimes it's women who climb on her."  So he's thinking about getting an alarm to keep people off.

He then gets a little creepy talking about his "privet lady" and speaking as though his sweet hedge, an inanimate object, kind of, isn't one?

More down the hedge hole regarding the disgusting drunk bush sex, here.

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