House the people, livin' in the street, oh, oh, Pasco's got a solution.

Depending on the approval of funding by the City of Pasco, by September 2021, a 52-unit housing complex could be the first permanent housing solution for the homelessness in the Tri-Cities.

Catholic Charities, a local charity, held a public forum to discuss the concept. They say the complex would give homeless people in the area permanent living. There will be a staff in the units to help those living with medical or social services needs. The money to pay for it will come from the Federal government, the IRS and the Washington State Housing Trust Fund. Eastern Washington already has seven units similar to this.
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Mental health problems, addiction issues and people losing relationships and connections with others is what's driving this local push to do something about it. Getting people to use the services available to help themselves in choosing a different path will only improve if this project comes to fruition in 18 months.
The group plans to hold another forum on Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. in the Pasco City Hall. The purpose of these forums is to get public input about the location, the design and any issues that might arise from the project.

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