Much to the chagrin of Seattle faithful, this year, the top bird in the football roost is not the Seahawks, but the Eagles from Philadelphia.

Time to slice and dice some of the crazy randomness....

First and foremost there was the guy who celebrated the Super Bowl win by EATING HORSE POO. There were the notorious light pole climbers, whose efforts resulted in toppling the poles . . . one guy almost died while riding a traffic light above a street . . . there were overturned cars . . . someone was running around naked in an eagle mask . . . acrobatics on top of hotel awnings . . . crazy trust falls from light poles . . .There were city trees being uprooted and stolen . . . dancing on top of cars . . . setting fires . . . at least one gas station was looted . . . the windows at Macy's were smashed . . . people jumping onto subway tracks . . . people scaled the gates at City Hall . . . people flung money into the crowd to 'make it rain' . . .People jumped on the back of ambulances . . . 'surfed' on the top of cars . . . some climbed up on dump trucks and city busses . . . and miraculously, the city says that NO ONE died, although Philly was left looking like a war zone. On the less destructive side, there was a brass band that was playing from a fifth story window, and some guy proposed to a woman holding a 40 of Olde English.  It was cathartic.

Philadelphia Eagles' Fans Gather To Watch Their Team In Super Bowl LII Against The New England Patriots
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Then the parade seemed tame by comparison, but an epic green genie Jason Kelce rant saved the was amazing how many people brought urns to spread the ashes of their loved ones....they were EVERYWHERE...and everyone knows about how they like to climb light poles in Philly by now . . . but there was also a woman who not only climbed the pole, but did it acrobatically, and also sat on top of it.  Others just climbed trees, and statues. Coach Doug Pederson caught a beer one HANDED during the parade. Fans were running across the tops of a row of Porta-Johns, seemed like a disaster waiting to happen...uncensored video.  Plus, Big D-word Nick Foles insanity references, more chaos here, and more uncensored video.

And take a listen to air traffic controllers picking up the Eagles flight home from Minneapolis to Philly and passing them along to the next contact with pride and congratulatory remarks.

Yo, Philly, see you in Seattle next January for the NFC Championship Game!!

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