Removing this huge wind turbine tower chunk that fell onto the highway proved to be much more difficult than you would think.

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Oregon DOT Workers Struggle with Huge Wind Turbine on I-84

A large part of the tower of a wind turbine fell off a semi-trailer onto I-84 in Oregon this week causing crews a major headache to finally get it removed. The accident happened around 9:30 am on Wednesday, March 13, 2024, when a semi hauling a large piece of air turbine tower tipped over near milepost 332, just outside of the Weatherby Rest Stop. Crews closed I-84 in both directions between Baker City and Ontario. They also closed eastbound lanes from Pendleton to Baker City. The 28-foot crane needed to move the huge piece needed a large space for setup causing a complete closure overnight. Not only did crews have to remove the huge piece of the wind turbine but they also had to remove many concrete barriers that were destroyed. Once all the concrete barriers were removed, the tube-like piece was loaded on a new semi-trailer and hauled away. See pictures released by the Oregon Department of Transportation below.

Oregon DOT Struggles to Remove Wind Turbine Tower Chunk Off I-84

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