There's a not so little pink house on Main Street in Pendleton where the owners of the dwelling over the past six years have found, for the second time, purposely stashed pre-Prohibition booze bottles in the walls of their home.

Ah, ain't that America.

Built in 1917, by Lowell and Minnie Rodgers, Mrs. Rodgers had a fascination with the color pink, which can be found pretty much everywhere in the house, mostly still in its original condition.

Five homeowners later, Tracy Bosen and Kevin Michel, who purchased the property in 2014, first found three whiskey bottles, dating back to 1930, wrapped in newspaper during a room renovation in 2016. Bosen surmised it was done on purpose, like a time capsule, because of the care taken to put the bottles there.

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Then just last week, a construction worker helping to renovate another room in the home, discovered 10 pint-sized bottles of 100 proof Comet Whiskey, made in Kentucky in 1913 and bottled in 1918. The booze bottles were divided by newspaper in a burlap sack hidden under tiles in the attic.

The worker felt like when he pulled on the sack and heard the clinking bottles, he had just discovered a treasure.

Cheers to that.

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