I filled out my ballot and am ready to drop it off, but I'm not happy about it. Find out why my jaw dropped and I've been disgusted ever since opening it.

The front of the ballot is the Congressional District 4 race and a proposed tax increase. The reverse side is the state and county offices. Check this out:


No one stepped up and said they'd like to serve, like to give the citizens a choice, in the races for Legislative District 8, Benton Co. Auditor, Benton Co. Clerk, Benton Co. Coroner, Benton Co. Prosecuting Attorney, Benton Co. Sheriff and Benton Co. Treasurer.

No less than 11 people are official candidates to replace Doc Hastings. Tell me, if you're truly driven by a desire to serve, aren't your chances a lot better in one of these smaller offices? Do you really think you can beat out 10 other people?

I'm ashamed to live in a place where six county offices run unopposed. Come on people! Throw your hat in the ring just to give the public a choice.
How can there not be one challenger for six offices? Three? It happens, but six? All six said they "prefer Republican." Where is the Benton County Democratic Party? You're not even going to try? You've just given up?

Understand me, I have NO BEEF with the people in those offices. I'm glad they're serving, but no one else has a desire to serve?

Maybe no one feels qualified to be coroner, but a state house legislative district? How does someone in that position of power run unopposed?

I'm pissed and ashamed!

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