When the Three Rivers Convention Center, Toyota Center and Toyota Arena are all ready to open, will you be ready?

Click this link and take a short fan survey regarding how comfortable you would be and to what degree would you be willing to support live events and other gatherings around the Three Rivers campus.

Looking over the survey, it touches on pretty much anything that might be a concern. Once the green light is given to progress through the Phases, how likely are you to atttend events?

Does it matter the size of the crowd? Are you freaked out about the bathrooms? Would you like to see a posted schedule about the frequency and when the bathroom was last cleaned?

Xander Deccio/Deccio Creative
Xander Deccio/Deccio Creative

When on campus, will you purchase food from the various vendors? From transactions at the box office to potential temperature screens for employees and guests, the powers that be really want to know what you are comfortable with, and what you are willing to support and not support.

Inside a large event, what are your thoughts on social distancing space markers, how close should fans be away from each other, or maybe, go all the way up to mandatory mask wearing while in the building for both employees and fans? Or somewhere in between the extremes?

I know many people who have always wanted to give their two cents worth about a LOT of things regarding the Three Rivers Campus.

Now's your chance, Tri-Cities, time to log on and speak up.

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