A big theater in Portland has single-handedly solved the scalping problem in the Northwest! The scalping industry could be dead TOMORROW if every venue followed suit. Contact your local concert halls and demand they do this!

It happened this week at the Aladdin Theater in Portland Oregon at a Dave Chappelle Show.The theater REFUSED entry to anyone who was not the original purchaser of the ticket. One lady paid $700 on Stubhub and was turned away! If every venue did this scalpers would disappear!!!

People in Portland are rejoicing and so excited for the changes that could come from this if more venues do it.
Some are obviously concerned about what they’ll do if they purchase tickets to a show and then are unable to attend. Yes, that would be tough, but considering that only happens to a handful of people and TENS OF THOUSANDS are disadvantaged by the current scalping system, it seems totally worth it.