Road rage happens. It can happen to the best of us. But some people take it WAAAY too far. A Portland Uber driver and local activist got in to a scuffle on August 27th. Paul Jeffrey and some friends were crossing the street in SE Portland, when a car swerved close enough to them so that they could touch the driver side mirror. Chrissy Scoaff, the driver, stopped the car and a not-so-nice verbal spat ensued. Now, most of us would have stopped there, but allegedly Scoaff ripped the glasses off of Jeffrey's face, smashed them on the ground, then got back in to her car and drove off.

Jeffrey noticed that she was an Uber driver, so he contacted Uber then took to social media to try to find her. Through friends and shares he was able to identify her, and well, she basically admitted to the crime. She was bragging about how the "ripped an old man's glasses in half" that day. Not very bright, Scoaff. Her page is unsearchable now, but luckily screen shots were taken. Check out the post below.

She's been charged with Criminal Mischief and Harassment. No word on the court date yet, but Schoaff has been permanently banned from driving for Uber. The lesson here, DON'T BRAG ABOUT MEAN/CRIMINAL STUFF YOU DO ONLINE! (duh) ;)