If you've been wine tasting in Prosser you've may have noticed a little shop called Altitude. No, it doesn't sell wine made from grapes grown at high elevations, it's a retail marijuana store. Since retail sales of Mary Jane have been legalized in Washington, retailers in cities across the state have been jumping at the chance to open a shop. Not every city allows the stores, but Prosser is one who does. However, since Altitude opened, more stores have wanted to as well, but the city's citizens had concerns.

In a voted yesterday, the city approved the opening of more retail pot stores, but with a catch. They cannot be on the main business corridor where Altitude is currently located. Altitude can remain since it was already approved, but if others, like owners of the potential new shop 'The Garden', want to open a store they'll have to be off the beaten path. Stores must remain 1,000 feet away from main commercial areas, the same exemption as with schools and parks.

So, Prosser will probably be seeing new retail marijuana stores popping up, you'll just have to look a little harder and drive a bit farther to get to them.

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