It is now a big person thing, and definitely not-safe-for-work, to decorate your backside like a pumpkin. Its blowing up cheekily this year on the internet, and we feel it is our responsibility to let you know this is absolutely allowed and encouraged enthusiastically.

Instagram - sirensspa

Think about it. Butt cheeks, when highlighted and contoured properly, can definitely resemble the ribbing of a pumpkin! That's a work of art using shading and glitter to bring out the absolute bumpkin pumpkin best, don't you think? Careful on that squeeze to assure freshness though brother!

Glitter pumpkin butts are kind of a spectacular new trend.

And the kids....once Mom caught wind of the internet's newest frenzy, baby bum just gotta have one too......cute.....

Buzzfeed: Baby Backside

Mom swears a pudgy bottom works best for her girl's gourd, but I'm more of a I-like-big-butts-and-I-cannot-lie kind of guy.