While White Claw didn't invent the concept of an alcoholic seltzer, it certainly brought the beverage to the mainstream. In the years since White Claw's debut in 2016, countless companies have put out their own take on the alcoholic seltzer, from Bud Light to Michelob Ultra. It's a whole industry now. Then you have Pabst Blue Ribbon who, uh, make a hard coffee.

Even though I am a die-hard fan of Rainier beer, I was skeptical that they could pull off a hard seltzer. But I can tell you that amidst the oversaturation of the seltzers, Rainier's take is a great one. Here's what I like about it.

Pete Christensen
Pete Christensen


Prior to Rainier's hard seltzer, I had yet to see an apple-flavored seltzer. Sure, hard ciders are a big deal and Smirnoff has their green apple beverage. But a red apple-flavored seltzer? Nah. Rainier nails it with their apple hard seltzer and it's perfectly Washington, even if Rainier hasn't been brewed here since before the end of the Cold War. The other flavors, huckleberry and lemon, are also quite tasty.

Dietary considerations

At 90 calories, this seltzer clocks in under Michelob Ultra, which postures itself as a beer for physically active people. For people on a macro diet, you'll be pleased to know there is one single carb in this bad boy, plus it's gluten-free. As for alcohol content, it does pale in comparison to White Claw's 8% but at 4.5%, it's right in line with regular pilsner beers. The long story short is; you can get buzzed on the weekend without worrying so much about the beer belly. But, type-1 diabetics can go to town on these, which is very cool.

If you've tried this seltzer or have any drink recommendations, I would love to hear them.

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