Who says beer isn't for breakfast?

Not Potlicker Kitchen -- the upstart Vermont food maker is now offering a jelly that tastes like craft beer. Flavors include oatmeal stout, Hefeweizen and a bitter IPA.

And moms, don't worry: The alcohol content is less than .5 percent, according to a report from Fox News.

Potlicker Kitchen founder Nancy Warner tells Fox that she came up with the recipe by accident:

"I just ran out of fruit," she says. "It was the middle of winter in Vermont and I had developed a serious canning addiction. After jamming all the fruit in my house I began to make jelly out of wine, which is an old technique. But I really liked the taste of beer ..."

So there you go. You might not want to face it first thing in the morning (let's say you had a little too much "jelly" the night before), but what's it hurt to try something different once in a while?

In fact, this whole thing has us thinking about all kinds of other ideas for jelly flavors.

Here's our jelly-idea sampler -- tell us what you think: