I wouldn't say there's a new top Facebook social media sheriff among Columbia Basin law enforcement agencies, Pasco PD is still king, but the Richland detachment has been stepping up in recent months and a relatively random post caught my eye and literally hundreds of other eyeballs.

Driving through town or parked at your residence. What are you advertising?

Are you making it easy for people to potentially rip you off?

Richland PD Facebook
Richland PD Facebook

First of all, your personalized license plate is easier to remember if you unintentionally pull a driving gaffe or if someone simply desires to keep track of your vehicle. And since you're also displaying where your kiddo is an honor student, well, Sherlock, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out other things once you've got the basics.

Another decal might remind someone that although you are proud of your athletic child, he/she probably has practices and games on nights and weekends, and that you're more than likely not at home since I figured out where you live through your personalized plate and where your kid goes to school.

I don't agree with bagging on the "baby on board" sticker. I thought those were supposed to alert first responders to make sure to locate a child in case of a gnarly accident.

How about those cool toys you're showing to everyone that you probably keep in a shed or a garage that realistically isn't that tough to break into?

And your dog Max? Is that a chihuahua?

I don't know about you, but I've seen plenty of decals/stickers/paint jobs on vehicles around the greater Tri-City area, that let everyone know in no uncertain terms, they are a huge fan of the 2nd Amendment. I thought that was made clear though the antlers and the HUNTING decal, but in case there's any doubt, we're square.

As one poster said, "The hunting one should be a warning that guns are also owned and if the owner isn't afraid to use it on a 600lb bear they ain't scared to use it on you."

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