A friend of mine in Richland fell ill unexpectedly and now requires intense physical therapy to perform basic movements like walking and feeding himself. Occasionally needing a wheelchair or walker in public has given him an entirely different view of humanity. Find out how:

My friend recently posted this to Facebook (shared with his permission):

"I have learned a lot in the past months when I've been in my wheelchair or using my walker in public.

1. There are many nice people that will offer to help (primarily moms with kids in tow or grandmothers).

2. Disabled folks are truly persecuted by others and it is truly sad how poorly they get treated by others. They are pushed aside (literally), bumped, sworn at and cut off... I have observed sooo much it amazes me.

3. The truly disabled generally have pretty good attitudes and often are concerned others are comfortable and not put out by them.

4. The pseudo disabled, malingerers, and temporarily disabled are often amazingly rude, impatient, demanding and bearers of a ridiculous sense of entitlement.

5. I am so grateful for so much and hope to get actively involved in aiding disabled people and whatever I can to ensure their rights are being respected and observed because we are woefully deficient in our infrastructure for disabled.

6. I see people abuse parking privileges like crazy (like 4 healthy people use the disabled spot, 5th person with disabilities stays in car while the others shop while people that truly need the closer access will often shrug, smile and find another spot.