It's been 9 years since I kept the flamethrower stoked, it's going to take some time for the phoenix to rise out of the ashes. But I'm here for good. Over the next few posts, I hope to keep anyone interested caught up on some of the things I've done since we last had some speaks: The picture is an amazing June sunset in 2011 in Marmaris, Turkey.

2005: Dismissed from the Big 9-7 and Dismissed from my marriage of 14 years. Well that's a buzzkill. Let's move on. I've worked Classic Rock, Sports, Rock, News Talk and Boat Racing on the radio in the last 9 years plus learned the ropes in the indoor football and cellular phone businesses. Quick cell phone note: selling cell phones =100% commission. Kind of hard to swallow going to work for 8 hours and making 7 dollars. I also realized after all these years my dealing with the public consisted of me sitting in a room all alone and getting paid to talk to myself. Help another human being? What's that?

As long as you are kept at arms length, I'm here for you. Really. Call me 544-9797. More randomness in many shapes and forms to come in the days and weeks ahead. Until next time, don't drink and drive and keep 'er in the holster.

Double C's,

Curt Cartier



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