They they are. My headlights out of the darkness. My son Cannon is on the left, my daughter Cate is on the right. That shot was taken in Columbia Park on the 4th of July in 2008.


I remember bringing my infant son into work shortly after he was born in 2000 and putting a mic in front of his face to capture the ambiance of his cooing and other associated bodily audio escapes.

He's now 14.

And I plan on doing the same thing.


My now ex-wife and I worked together on the 97 Rock Morning Show from 1998-2003 ("Riffin' with the Whiff"; "Married in the Morning, Mired in Mediocrity" were a couple of the more catchy battle cries).

Some of the crap we pulled over the course of that time included the I-695 push for flat rate license tabs, trying to keep the feds from taking out the 4 lower Snake River dams in 2000 during the Presidential election with "Don't Touch Our Damn Snake, Ya Breach" bumper stickers and openly discussing on-air having a year 2000 baby.

Does it make me a horrible person that I traded out the birth of my first child with Lourdes Medical Center for mentions? Yeah, I'll talk about what an amazing birthing facility you have (they do) in exchange for dismissing all charges related to the hospital stay.

Yes. I bartered the birth of my first born with Lourdes for radio mentions.

It's because I'm the cheapest son-of-a-bitch this side of Columbia County.

After a dozen years of marriage, the whiff and I separated in 2005 shortly after I got gassed from the Big 9-7 and we divorced in 2007. My kids moved with Mommy to Coeur d'Alene, ID in November 2011 and I get to see them, for the most part, every other weekend. Until next time, love your kids, don't drink and drive and keep 'er in the holster.

Double C's

Curt Cartier