I wasn't sure if it was real or not, but I recall the story of an Icelandic anthropologist who was found naked at the mouth of a legendary cave after being missing for 7 years. She said she had been abducted by elves!



It's Christmas time and our heads are filled with joyous elves sneaking into your house and leaving presents under your tree.


"You're not just going to get a lump of coal. They're going to come and get you, abduct you, and take you to their cave for 7 years!"

I thought I saw it on a main news source, like CNN, but it may have been Facebook, honestly.

I'm not saying I believe in elves, I just thought it was interesting. I do believe in the possibility of unknown things.

After doing a little digging I realize the story is 100 percent fake. Sharon Hill debunked the story for us and found where the original photos are from.

The woman being rescued on a rock face is actually from California in 2011, not Iceland. The head shot is a cute girl from a Russian dating site who looks kind of like the girl in the California photo. It made for a wonderful, heart-felt, by-the-fire Christmas abduction story.

Merry Christmas! Sleep tight!